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The Charvel Logo ® ™

One of the easiest ways to date your import charvel guitar would be your headstock logo. If your looking for Charvel Import Bridge information click here.

Made in Japan Charvel guitars wore different logos throughout the constanty evolving product lines.

charvel ™ logo
charvel ® logo

Jackson / Charvel ® Logo

Jackson / Charvel™ Logo




If you have a Charvel with a Fort Worth TX neck plate check out the logo on the headstock and on the neck plate.

Initially the first Import Charvels were released with a guitar shaped Charvel logo very similiar to an original San Dimas Charvel logo. The difference was the logo was redesigned to reflect a "pointy" headstock.

Look at the images above. The Charvel Logo with the "TM" right above the 6 inline tuners would accurately represent the first version of the Import Charvel Logo. Charvel Logos with the TM were present on more 1986 Import Charvel Guitars than 1986 Charvels Guitars that didnt have the TM.

This Charvel Logo represented the Import Charvel Guitar line in the 1986 model series. The Charvel ™ logo was present well into the 248xxx - 25xxxx serial number range.

The Charvel logo with ™ at some point disappeared prior to the introduction of the 1987 model line up. A Charvel neck with a "TM" present on the headstock logo would NOT appear on any guitar in the Charvel 1987 product line. No Charvel Import Guitar was manufactured with a Jackson JT-6 Floyd Rose type tremelo that wore a Charvel logo with a TM.

A Charvel ® R Logo appeared suddenly within the late 1986 Charvels guitars. This new logo with a R would be visible on more guitars branded Charvel than any other Charvel Logo ever. Without question.

Any Charvel Import with a Charvel ® logo would be from the Charvel 1987 product Line ot later.


This Charvel is from an era of Japan Charvel manufacturing that makes it near to impossible to find. We can verify that this gutar came from the 310000 serial number range from the Chushin gakki factory with a factory installed Kahler "Floyd Rose" type locking nut. This Charvel Import guitar was made during the time of the transition to the toothpaste logo.

Some deny that this factory nut exists. We can verify this transitional Charvel Import Guitar is authentic and that the nut is "factory". We can also say that this guitar stays in tune!


Charvel ™ logo

If you have a Import Charvel with a Charvel ™ logo and a maple fretboard and its wearing a Fort Worth TX neck plate you are one of the luck ones.

A 1986 Model 1 with a maple fretboard with a TM is super-rare! This Model One has the phenolic nut removed. See anything different? Its all in the details!

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