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The Charvel Guitar Model Series Story
Made In Japan Charvel Guitars

Charvel Guitar
In the mid 1980s a small shop in Glendora California USA by the name of Jackson Charvel Guitars was making a big noise in the music industry. This company was involved with creating custom instruments made to each of its customers specific orders.

Grover Jackson, its owner and operator, wanted to establish a large scale Japanese production of instruments based on the success of his USA made San Dimas Custom guitars.

In and about 1985 Jackson Charvel and International Music Corp joined forces. IMC initiated a contract with a company called Kyowa - Shokai, which used its factories to build The Model Series.

Drawing upon his intuitive business sense Grover chose a pointy headstock design that was coming into fashion amongst a new generation of young guitar players around the world. Using this formula he created what we call The Charvel Model Series in 1986. It consisted of six unique guitars each having popular features that were very similar to the Charvel USA custom order and production line guitars made in 1985. The launch of the Charvel Model Series corresponds with disappearance of the brand name Charvel and the appearance of the brand name Jackson on USA made Charvel Jackson guitars.

The Chushin Gakki factory in Nagano Prefecture Japan was asked to produce the majority these Charvel Model Series guitars. Charvel guitars started to be mass produced in Japan bearing the Fort Worth Texas neck plate. The first Charvel Japanese made imports were delivered in 1986.

In the USA Grover Jackson relinquishes the majority of his ownership in Jackson Charvel to International Music Company in and about the year 1989. He sits on the board of directors for IMC until his departure in 1990. Akai bought out IMC in 1997 thereafter owning Jackson/Charvel.

In 1993 Jackson/Charvel and The Charvel Japan Group began to expanded its offerings of guitars which would eventually include the brands Jackson Grover Jackson®, Charvel®, Grover Jackson®, Team G.J.®, and Jackson Stars®, as well as other brands using the Chushin Gakki factory as its partner.

I'm my opinion expanding his business by offering made in Japan Charvels in 1986 was an intelligent and clever business move for Grover Jackson. Continuing to be in-tune with generations of guitar players is pretty damned cool. Those of us who lived through the San Dimas era through to today have a big high five and many kudos to Grover and company.

In the pursuit of the facts I extend my hand out in friendship to fans, employees, collectors of all the brands Charvel / Jackson and ask you help to get the facts strait. Send me and email and contribute.

Best Wishes, AlienXnation

Charvel Guitar

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