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Welcome to my fan site which is dedicated exclusively to sharing information on the Import Charvel Guitars. Unlike other sites that discuss Jackson Guitars it is my intention to highlight only The Model Series Charvels produced in the Japanese Chu Shin Gakki Factory in the 1980s and early 1990s.
Import Charvel Guitars, Japanese Charvels, Charvel Imports, Made in Japan Charvels, whatever you call these Jackson Charvel guitars they are rapidly gaining value. A Model 1 Charvel with a maple neck, Model 2 Charvel with a single humbucker, a Model 3a dual humbucker, did you know a model 4 had "active circuitry" and a model 5 was 24 fret? A Model 6 Charvel is a neck through and looks like a Jackson but its a Charvel Import. This all seems very confusing. Jackson Charvel guitars made in Japan is the topic. Fort Worth Texas neck plate and Charvel Serial Numbers and everything you would like to know about a Charvel Import will be here.
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